Material Handling for Agricultural and Farm Solutions

Forklift with Avocado Boxes

Over the years, as innovation and the need-for-speed have evolved across all industries, material handling continues to be the focal point for major industries. The food industry has changed significantly, starting from the way produce is planted and harvested. That industry's systems and processes are upgraded from manual outdoor farm labor to controlled-environment farms inside a warehouse. Maintaining the freshness of produce as it is picked, sorted, cleaned, packaged and shipped is paramount to the consumers' health and safety. Whether or not our food comes from local farmers or large food ecosystems, material handling is key. 

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3 Tips to Warehouse Efficiency

warehouse aisle

In order to keep up with the demands of your business, an optimized and efficient warehouse is key. Utilizing your warehouse to be as efficient as possible can help your business run better and save you time and money. 

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What to Know About CARB’S Forklift Regulations

Toyota Moving Mast Reach Truck

The California Air Resources Board proposed regulations on forklifts sold and operated in California. As part of CARB's goal trying to meet the state's air quality and greenhouse gas reduction goals, the use of internal combustion forklifts is proposed to be phased out for electric forklifts.

Businesses using forklifts will slowly phase out the use of internal combustion forklifts for zero emission electric forklifts.

While the proposed plan would not implement until 2026, businesses should plan accordingly. 

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IN THE NEWS - Material Handling Wholesaler honors Mary Madland in a Salute to Women

Mary Madland

Salute to Our Leader - Mary Madland, Madland Toyota-Lift Material Handling Wholesaler's interview with Madland's Mary Madland salutes her leadership in the industry. Madland Toyota-Lift has won 21 Top Toyota Dealer Awards – 20 coming in the last 35 years. Under Mary's leadership as the owner and president, the company has experience healthy success...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - Our Practices

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has upended our world's normal routines and practices. At Madland Toyota-Lift, we remain committed to providing our customers with the same goal of superior service as always. Our leadership team is keeping in close contact with our global suppliers, as well as remaining up-to-date with workarounds to possible supply chai...

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Narrow Aisle Warehouse Solutions - The Right Size For Any Job


We are all adapting to our new normal since the onset of COVID 19. With E-Commerce booming, warehouse and distribution centers are having to assess their operations and methods of handling inventory. They are having to transform their warehouse space to maximize storage and accessibility. As a result, warehouses are turning to longer and more narrow aisles, making handling material a challenge. With a number of warehouses and distribution centers opting for these narrow aisles, there is a greater need for equipment that can maneuver within these tighter spaces. Madland Toyota-Lift is ready for the challenge and understands the importance of helping you choose the proper equipment to maximize and optimize your warehouse space.

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So You Want to Buy a Used Forklift: A Comprehensive Guide

So You Want to Buy a Used Forklift: A Comprehensive Guide

To the untrained eye, buying a used forklift may seem like an economically smart option. And for the most part, it is. But, if you don't know your stuff, buying used could end up being less cost-effective than just buying new to begin with.

But don't worry — with the right knowledge, you can still get your bang for your buck. The real risk isn't in buying used, but instead in buying uninformed. That's why we're here to help you make a used forklift purchase that you can count on. By following our guide to buying used, you can trust any purchase you make to be a good one. 

At Madland, our sales professionals are here to perform free site surveys by appointment if there is anything in question.

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E-Commerce is Booming and Changing the World of Warehousing

E-Commerce is Booming and Changing the World of Warehousing

The convenience afforded to consumers through online shopping has changed not only the way that customers are shopping, but it has forced businesses to have become more creative in their approach to meeting consumer demand. The trajectory of the trend in ecommerce was already on pace to put increasing pressure on businesses to be able to meet customers' expectations that their orders be delivered quickly, accurately and undamaged, but in light of the pandemic we are facing globally, that pressure has never been greater.

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Madland Celebrates 40 Years in Business With Big Win From Toyota


The team at Madland Toyota-Lift is not only thrilled to be celebrating 40 years in operation as a Toyota dealer, they are honored to have been awarded their 21st President's Award and sweeping the categories at the annual awards gala.

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Using the Section 179 Tax Deduction to Benefit You

section_179_deadline_approaching Hurry! Section 179 Deadline Is December 31st!

As a business owner or supervisor, you've spent plenty of time trying to find ways to help the company maximize its resources and be more efficient with costs. As we come up to tax season, you may be looking for ways to lessen your tax burden and put more cash back into the business. For many, Section 179 of the IRS tax code is a way to do both.

Although Section 179 has been around for quite a few years and has undergone changes during that time, that main gist of Section 179 stays the same: It allows qualifying businesses to deduct the full purchase price of new and used equipment for the year it was purchased, rather than using the standard depreciation method. This change to the tax code was intended to help businesses invest more heavily into purchasing and leasing equipment and other qualifying items to improve the business. 

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