Material Handling for Agricultural and Farm Solutions

Forklift with Avocado Boxes

Over the years, as innovation and the need-for-speed have evolved across all industries, material handling continues to be the focal point for major industries. The food industry has changed significantly, starting from the way produce is planted and harvested. That industry's systems and processes are upgraded from manual outdoor farm labor to controlled-environment farms inside a warehouse. Maintaining the freshness of produce as it is picked, sorted, cleaned, packaged and shipped is paramount to the consumers' health and safety. Whether or not our food comes from local farmers or large food ecosystems, material handling is key. 

Agriculture Material Handling Optimizes Time-Sensitive Shipments

In the U.S., a lot of small farms raise poultry, eggs and hay. Larger farms produce cotton and wool; cash grains such as rice, soybeans, and wheat; oilseed and tree nuts. All of these products must be harvested, processed, stored and shipped with expediency and careful consideration of the destination and end-user. Dairy farms also require significant safety storage and haulage for their products. Let's not forget about the livestock and animals in the farm and agricultural setting … along with their feeding, treating and transporting.

In determining the process for each farm or agricultural product based on output, specific equipment is required. Most wouldn't associate farming with forklifts; however, as more products are delivered on pallets, lift trucks are essential in expanding the agricultural material handling process. Aerial work platforms provide a multitude of uses when moving and storing products. An assortment of attachments will provide improved productivity and safety for the operator when moving along multi-level property, maneuvering in tight spaces and hauling bales instead of pallets. Farm and ranch operators must maintain the buildings, fences and grounds on the property. Good forklift fleets can minimize the effort and satisfy the return on investment. 

Moving, Storing and Shipping Requires Material Handling Expertise 

Warehouse storage systems are important as products are stored until scheduled for shipping. From large to small agricultural applications, systems can be designed and engineered for specific types of products, perishables to long-life items. Yard trucks are specially designed to assist in moving trailers around the property without the operator having to get out of the truck to hook up trailers. This goes a long way to improving efficiency and productivity, impacting your bottom line in a positive way.  

Madland Toyota-Lift provides all your Agricultural Industry Solutions!

Choosing the right equipment may increase the rate at which you can move agricultural products from field to warehouse and out to destinations. Appropriate labor shortages are affecting many material handling operations, using material handling machinery in many cases improves volume of business. Selecting the right equipment to move produce efficiently and safely is how Madland Toyota-Lift's solutions will move your company into the future.  

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