jlg aerial boom lift

JLG articulating and telescopic boom lifts will solve your up and over challenges with ease. Efficient and safe, JLG boom lifts come in several models, including engine-powered, electric and hybrid, and towable. The professionals at Madland Toyota-Lift can help you decide which boom lift suits your unique situation, but a basic breakdown shows that articulating booms work best when you need access to work areas over obstacles and barriers and come in both electric and engine powered, hybrid/electric compact crawler booms are lightweight and compact, electric toucan boom lifts work best on indoor jobs and telescopic boom lifts offer greater horizontal outreach for areas with limited access and come in both electric and engine powered. Whatever your situation, we’ve got answers!

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jlg compact crawler boom lift

Compact Crawler Boom Lift

Perfect for indoor and outdoor jobs and with zero emissions on the battery-powered model, the JLG compact crawler booms are available in four models, achieve heights from 50-106 ft. and are built with a tracked wheel carriage that not only climbs steps but makes doorway, gate and yard access easier.

jlg toucan mast boom lift

Toucan Mast Boom Lift

With a 25% gradeability and thick rubber non-marking tires, the JLG toucan boom lift is ideal for vertical challenges inside warehouses and other facilities where assembly lines, shelving, ductwork, partitions and more need to be worked around.

jlg articulating boom lift

Articulating Boom Lift

Available in both engine and electric engines, JLG articulating booms work well in narrow and congested outdoor spaces, such as construction sites, and indoors where the articulating boom can replace unsteady and unsafe scaffolding and ladders. When working indoors, the electric JLG articulating boom emits zero emissions and is quieter. Engine-powered JLG boom lifts have a reach range from 19 ft. 11 inches to 63 ft. 2 inches and a platform height from 33 ft. 10 inches to 150 ft. Electric/hybrid models have a reach range from 19 ft. 11 inches to 51 ft. 10 inches and a platform height from 33 ft. 9 inches to 80 ft.

jlg telescopic boom lift

Telescopic Boom Lift

Stable while reaching greater heights, JLG telescoping booms provide industry solutions for roofing, construction and rough terrain applications. Engine-powered JLG telescopic booms have a reach from 33 ft. to 80 ft. and a platform height from 39 ft. 7 inches to 185 ft. 7 inches. Electric/hybrid JLG telescopic booms have a reach from 43 ft. 3 inches to 44 ft. 5 inches and a platform height of 60 ft. 3 inches to 60 ft. 4 inches.