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Whether you choose electric or engine-powered JLG scissor lifts, you are getting 50 years of experience in helping people reach new heights. Not sure whether you need electric or engine powered? The professionals at Madland Toyota-Lift can help you decide the best solution to your aerial challenges. Electric-powered JLG scissor lifts have a longer runtime and are quieter, while engine-powered JLG scissor lifts are tough and durable for rugged terrain applications. Both come with a variety of working heights and platform capacities to get you working as efficiently and productively as possible.

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jlg electric scissor lift

Electric Scissor Lifts

JLG electric scissor lifts maximize your battery life and come with a variety of working heights and platform capabilities. With three series of models to choose from, JLG electric scissor lifts offer machine widths from 2 ft. 6 inches to 9 inches, platform heights that range from 18 ft. 9 inches to 40 ft., working heights from 24 ft. 9 inches to 46 ft., platform capacities of up to 770 lbs. and are known in the industry for their reliability, cost savings and performance. These workhorses are quieter, have fewer service intervals with only two hoses and four fittings, zero emissions and maximize your uptime.

The JLG electric scissor lift is perfect for working in commercial construction, hospitals, schools and more.

Keeping ergonomics in mind so your operators will be safe and more productive, JLG electric scissor lifts have advanced operator controls and compact dimensions for easier mobility. These innovative machines are designed for reduced charging time and longer runtime – optimizing your ability to finish on schedule. Narrow aisle or doorway challenges? Not a problem with the choice of a 32-inch platform designed to fit though a standard doorway. Need more platform space? Choose the 46-inch platform for more tools and supplies.

jlg engine powered scissor lift

Engine Powered Scissor Lifts

With enhanced power and stability, engine-powered JLG scissor lifts come with boosted lift capacities and larger platforms. When you need to tackle rugged terrain and industrial sites, the JLG engine-powered scissor lift is designed to deliver the solution. With more power, more gradeability, lug tread tires and a higher reach, this equipment provides superior productivity with a capacity for more workers and supplies.

Job sites can get crowded and the JLG engine-powered scissor lift is designed to move in these conditions with ease, with models that come with a narrow 69-inch chassis without sacrificing work platform space. Challenges unique to a variety of industries, such as commercial and industrial construction, are handled efficiently with increased left capacity and larger platforms. With a variety of models to choose from, you will find the gradeability, surface leveling, capacity, range of motion, versatility and access you need to get the job done on time and in budget with engine-powered JLG scissor lifts.