toyota cushion forklift

When you need heavy duty helpers for your inside work, consider the Toyota IC Cushion Tires Forklift. At Madland Toyota-Lift, we offer a variety of cushion tire IC forklifts designed to answer industry challenges across the board. Cushion tire forklifts have a smaller turning radius, making them the perfect choice for industries that have less space. Cushion tires are also easier and safer for the operator since they have more rubber.

toyota core cushion forklift

Core IC Cushion

With a 3,000-6,500 lb. lifting capacity, SAS and Compressed Natural Gas power available, this budget-friendly and popular forklift answers the call for a multitude of industries, including warehousing, distribution, auto, general manufacturing, retail and more. Extremely versatile, the Core IC Cushion is capable of navigating in 12-foot aisles.

toyota large cushion forklift

Large IC Cushion

This hardy and versatile worker is capable of lifting 8,000-15,500 lbs., comes with SAS and is gasoline or LPG powered. This forklift answers challenges in industries such as retail, lumber yards, heavy duty manufacturing, shipping and freight and can be outfitted with specialty attachments for Box Car or Paper Roll models.

high capacity cushion forklift

High Capacity Cushion

When you need to move really heavy items such as brick, block, pipe, or are in an industry such as forging and casting, you’ll need the High Capacity Cushion Forklift with a lifting capability of 18,000-22,000 lbs. This Toyota giant comes with a 12-volt electrical system and DANA 3-speed power shift transmission. This forklift also has the capability of using a roll clamp for those larger than normal paper rolls. As with all forklifts in Toyota’s THD line, the High Capacity Cushion forklift comes equipped with a MD4 7” touchscreen display that allows operators to customize, diagnose and receive pertinent information.

high capacity large cushion

High Capacity Large Cushion

Toyota’s indoor mammoth of a machine, the High Capacity Large Cushion forklift is perfect for automotive environments and moving steel. With a lifting capacity of 25,000-100,000 lbs., high capacity cooling system and 5.7 L V8 engine, this dependable, rugged and strong forklift is a great addition to your team.

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