warehouse dock door equipment california

Your loading docks take a lot of rough treatment. From trucks backing into them to incorrect or improper use of opening and closing access, there are many reasons why installing the right kind of dock equipment for your material handling facility is a must. Docks can be chaotic environments. There may be multiple things going on in different areas that make it hard for any one person to control everything. Docks are also a dangerous area for multiple reasons, so having safe and secure dock equipment is a priority.

dock boards

Dock Boards & Plates

Usually made of steel or aluminum, dock boards are portable and best used for hand trucks and pallet jacks when loading and unloading.

Dock Lift

Dock Lifts

Dock lifts can perform a variety of tasks, making them a budget friendly and efficient addition to your dock equipment. Dock lifts can be used as levelers, as ramps and inclines and to help move heavy equipment from one floor to another.

dock leveler

Dock Levelers

There are a lot of differences in trailer heights: different brands, different weight of loads and even different wheel and tire sizes. You cannot control any of that, but you will need to control whether or not the trailer and your warehouse floor are on the same level so that loading and unloading can be performed safely and efficiently and the risk of accidents and falls is minimized.

Dock levelers come in several different kinds, including hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and end of dock. For best weight capacity and ease of use, hydraulic levelers operate on a push button. More budget friendly, but still push button, are pneumatic levelers, which have a mid-range capacity.

dock shelter

Dock Seals and Doors

Dock seals protect your dock from damage when trailers back in by compressing to the trailer when it rests against the dock bumpers. Dock seals also help maintain climate control inside your facility, as well as protecting personnel and product from weather-related issues and other outside elements. Dock doors run the gamut from flexible doors to insulated steel, windows to no windows, manual operations to automatic and more. At Madland Toyota-Lift, we can take a look at your current and projected future uses and form a unique plan specific to your material handling dock door applications.

Your docks serve many functions: They receive and ship product, they help keep the inside environment safe and healthy for personnel and product and in many cases, they are the only part of your business that some people ever see. So, you want to make sure that all your dock parts and pieces are up-to-date on current technology, safe and efficient and helping protect the people, equipment and products that are your resources. So, whether you have one to two trucks coming in per day or 30 to 50, at Madland Toyota-Lift we have dock and door solutions that will work well for your unique applications.