The Benefits of Reach Trucks in Warehousing

Toyota Narrow Aisle Forklift

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact in many ways on the world and the way it does business, but even before people were encouraged to do their shopping from home, consumers had already made a mark on e-commerce. Now, after more than a year of pandemic purchasing, e-commerce is up 42% compared to 2019 and American online shoppers are expected to spend $1 trillion online in 2022. For those in the material handling and distribution center space, this translates to a much higher load coming in and going out of warehouses.  

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Electric Forklifts - The Cost Saving Investment

Electric Forklifts - The Cost Saving Investment

Some trends in the material handling industry seem to come and go, but one "newish" trend that has stood the test of time is using electricity to power forklifts and other material handling equipment. Although engineers started tinkering around with building an electrically-powered piece of equipment that could be described as a forklift in 1923, it was decades before electrical forklifts and other material handling equipment became truly standard in the industry. Interestingly enough, according to the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, electric forklifts comprise the majority of new forklifts bought in the last 10 years. How's that for an upward trend? 

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Picking the Right Forklift for Your Application


From startups to well-established companies, equipment costs can eat up a large part of the budget. The professionals at Madland Toyota-Lift can provide direction when companies make a decision on the right forklift fit for every type of material handling endeavor. With many application uses to choose from, Toyota forklifts run the equipment gamut and decision makers will want to choose the best fit with the highest ROI when it's time to invest. From reach trucks to full-on forklifts to the pallet jack, Toyota has something for everyone.

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Narrow Aisle Warehouse Solutions - The Right Size For Any Job


We are all adapting to our new normal since the onset of COVID 19. With E-Commerce booming, warehouse and distribution centers are having to assess their operations and methods of handling inventory. They are having to transform their warehouse space to maximize storage and accessibility. As a result, warehouses are turning to longer and more narrow aisles, making handling material a challenge. With a number of warehouses and distribution centers opting for these narrow aisles, there is a greater need for equipment that can maneuver within these tighter spaces. Madland Toyota-Lift is ready for the challenge and understands the importance of helping you choose the proper equipment to maximize and optimize your warehouse space.

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Do You Need A Heavy-Duty Forklift?


As the owner or decision maker at your company, you already know that hiring the right personnel for a specific job is of utmost importance. You want someone who is capable of mastering – or someone who has already mastered – the particular parameters of that job. Did you know the same is true for your material handling and distribution center equipment?

Taking the time to understand exactly what you need in your equipment will help boost your productivity, efficiency and, best of all, have a positive impact on your bottom line. When choosing the right forklift for the job, you should always choose a forklift that is capable of more than what you expect to be lifting – that way you won't be caught short and you'll be promoting safety, as well.

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Madland Celebrates 40 Years in Business With Big Win From Toyota


The team at Madland Toyota-Lift is not only thrilled to be celebrating 40 years in operation as a Toyota dealer, they are honored to have been awarded their 21st President's Award and sweeping the categories at the annual awards gala.

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Win-Win Pallet Jack Sales Event For Your Productivity and Efficiency

electric_pallet_jack_sales_event_header Toyota 8HBW23 Pallet Jack for $3,999* Until 10/31/19

Are you looking for a budget-friendly option to move large amounts of product through your warehouse in a fast, easy and efficient way? Then look no further because at Madland Toyota-Lift, we are offering a great electric pallet jack sales event. For just $3,999* through Oct. 31, you can buy the Toyota 8HBW23 electric pallet jack from the world's number one material handling equipment manufacturer, Toyota.

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Toyota Order Pickers Take It To The Next Level

Toyota_Order-Picker_Applicationn The Toyota Order Picker

At Madland Toyota-Lift, we know productivity, safety and exceeding financial projections are at the top of your list. Did you know that order picking takes up 50-75% of warehouse operating costs? We've got the expertise and the equipment to help you make sure order picking costs don't sabotage your bottom line goals, while maintaining safety as a priority.

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