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At Madland Toyota-Lift, we know keeping it clean and dust free is extremely important in today’s warehouse and material handling operations. With an increased use of sensitive warehouse technology and an importance on employee and customer safety, using the right equipment is paramount to protect your resources.

We are proud to partner with Karcher to provide the latest in industry cleaning solutions, including pressure washers, floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, extractors, commercial vacuums, industrial vacuum cleaners, parts washers, steam cleaners, floor machines, burnishers, specialty equipment and more.

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Floor Scrubbers

Karcher Floor Scrubbers offer a variety of options, including walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbers. Karcher Floor Scrubbers increase worker productivity and allow for lower labor costs. With the compact walk-behind, clean up to 15,000 sf. per hour, while the regular size walk-behind allows for up to 28,000 sf. per hour. Riders are specifically designed for industrial use and allow for up to 64,500 sf. per hour, with an emphasis on power and comfort.

kaercher floor scrubber

Floor Sweepers

Karcher Floor Sweepers come in compact, walk-behind and ride-on styles, each with its own performance for maximum clean. Compact sweepers offer quick interim cleaning, while keeping it quiet. Walk-behind sweepers can sweep up to 36,000 sf. per hour and are available in both manual and battery power. Ride-on sweepers are available in battery or LPG and can clean up to 193,000 sf. per hour.

Parts for All Makes & Models
We offer high-quality parts for all makes of lift trucks, forklifts, floor cleaning equipment, utility vehicles, aerial lifts and other material handling equipment.