It’s The New Year! What Are Your 2020 Material Handling Needs?


As we leave the 2010s behind and go forth into the 2020s, it may be a good time to not only think about personal New Year's resolutions, but also to make plans about your business. Are you maximizing your options to achieve your goals? Is it time to consider some changes in order to be a leader in your field? What are some of the important items to put on – and check off – your list? Material handling equipment runs the gamut from forklifts, narrow aisle equipment and pallet jacks to industrial floor cleaning, aerial lifts, yard trucks and utility vehicles.

It may seem obvious to you, but in the hurry of day-to-day business, some important factors that lead to optimizing your business can get overlooked. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Fleet Inspections & Maintenance Plans

Everyone knows how important it is to pay attention to the condition of your fleet. It's a direct link to your uptime. Equipment that is not well maintained and regularly serviced is known to break down – and usually at the worst possible moment. In your busy life, it's important to create a way to keep track of your equipment's service intervals and, when maintenance is needed, to attend to it promptly.

Planned Maintenance Options 

There are advantages to having someone else – someone whose business is material handling equipment maintenance – take charge of your fleet's service. A knowledgeable and professional material handling specialist handles planned maintenance. Some of the benefits to building a planned maintenance plan into your business costs include:

  • A decrease in downtime: Since a planned maintenance program requires that service happens on a regular schedule, in many cases small, minor issues are identified during planned maintenance – and fixed before they cause you major workflow interruption and downtime.
  • A better return on your equipment investment: Equipment that is regularly serviced on a maintenance plan tends to last longer and hold a higher trade in value than equipment that is not and requires servicing after it has had an issue or problem.
  • A saving of money: Planned maintenance helps you avoid the costly expenses of major failures and repairs, as well as costs incurred when work production slows down or stops due to equipment failure.

Short-and Long-Term Rentals 

Just as there are a wide variety of material handling equipment and brands, there are at least that many reasons why some companies choose to rent instead of buy. Renting in the long-term can free up cash for other necessities, allow you to pay for a piece of equipment just for the amount of time you need it, have free provided maintenance and get the latest in material handling equipment on your job. Short-term renting is great for companies that experience a seasonal uptick.

Planning now for material handling equipment rentals you may need during the year is a good idea. In some cases, if you put off reserving your equipment rental in a timely manner, you may find that your local material handling equipment dealers don't have what you need due to demand. So, be sure and add planning ahead for rentals to your list of resolutions.​

New Equipment Solutions

Did you notice during 2019 that your current equipment is being used more, even perhaps used more than is reasonable? Has efficiency and productivity suffered due to long battery recharging times or continuous service needs due to breakdowns? Have you been thinking that it may be time to re-evaluate your fleet and add or replace pieces with a new or refurbished forklift of other equipment?

Newer equipment has many benefits – not the least of which is going to be more uptime, which leads to more efficiency and productivity. You can expect that acquiring newer equipment will help your bottom line in many ways, including:

  • Even with the best of intentions and maintenance, an older forklift is going to eventually wear out and reach the point where repairs cost more than considering new or refurbished.
  • Batteries have undergone quite a revolution in recent years. There are many new options that guarantee less charging time and cleaner and safer operations.
  • Electric forklifts and other material handling equipment have caught up to the traditional engine-powered equipment – providing a quieter experience with no emissions.
  • Gasoline, diesel and propane powered equipment has come a long way, providing more safety, as well as a cleaner environment.
So, as you embrace the new year, make sure are embracing putting your material handling equipment needs at the top of the list! Contact Madland Toyota-Lift to find out more.
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