Madland Is Your New “Hookup” For Yard Spotter Support


You already know that yard trucks are ideal for moving trailers around distribution centers, transfer stations, truck terminals, agricultural areas and more. But what you did not know is that Madland Toyota-Lift is your Central California aftermarket support center for specialized diesel yard trucks. Madland now offers repair service, planned maintenance, replacement parts and rentals of yard spotter equipment.

At Madland Toyota-Lift, we employ specialized and top-of-the-line diesel mechanics with experience and knowledge in yard trucks and all diesel equipment.

Madland Toyota-Lift has a wide variety of rental equipment, including yard trucks available for short- and long-term renting. Whether you need to rent because your equipment is down or you have a peak seasonal need, Madland can rent you the yard truck to meet your needs.

Madland Toyota-Lift now offers the replacement parts you need for heavy industrial equipment, including parts specifically for yard trucks and other diesel and material handling equipment.

So, exactly what is a yard truck?

Yard trucks go by a variety of names such as spotter trucks, yard dogs, yard jockeys, yard mules, terminal tractors and more. These work vehicles are designed to move trailers and containers around your indoor or outdoor facility much more efficiently than a standard tractor.

What's the difference between a yard truck vs a conventional tractor

  1. Yard trucks do not require an operator to spend time outside of the cab to crank trailers before hooking up as with a conventional tractor. This process is controlled from within the cab and is safer and saves time and money.
  2. Yard trucks have a shorter wheelbase with easy access to the trailer connections through a rear door in the cab.
  3. Yard trucks offer a wider view that allows for more rapid trailer movement.
  4. Yard trucks do not require special licensing according to OSHA requirements. This is an added benefit, but owners should offer training that should be repeated every three years to ensure the safety of their operators and reduce injury risks.

Yard trucks are durable, reliable and cost effective additions to any business that needs to move trailers, shipping containers and/or agricultural storage equipment. Applications such as cargo yards, large warehouse and agriculture operations would greatly benefit from owning this valuable piece of equipment.

Come see us at Madland Toyota-Lift and let us help you find out how you can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business with a yard spotter. We offer long and short-term rentals, a great inventory of used yard trucks and rent to own options. We also offer experienced diesel mechanics and a large inventory of parts for any of your service needs.  

Contact us today at any of our three convenient locations to see if a yard truck is right for you!

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