Diesel Fleet Services You Can Trust

Madland Diesel Fleet Services facility

As a company or business that chooses to use diesel engines, you probably already know that diesel fuel gives you a bigger bang for your buck when it comes to fuel economy. Diesel engines are also known for their impressive torque, vital for some applications. Diesel engines also do less damage to the environment than their counterpart, the gasoline-powered engine. Many material handling companies, as well as agriculture, oil and gas, and marine-based operations, turn to rugged diesel equipment for their heaviest chores.

As a material handling company or business that uses diesel power, you already know that it takes specialized training and handling to service and repair these engines. At Madland Diesel Fleet Services, we understand diesel-powered engines. We are a Capacity diesel truck dealer, and we offer diesel-trained and certified mechanics to service all diesel engines, including Cummins. We also offer parts for most diesel brands. 

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Why Madland Got into the Diesel Fleet Business

Madland Diesel Fleet Services

At Madland Toyota-Lift, our business decisions are driven in large part by our customer-centric goals. Our main objective is to provide top-of-the-line, hassle-free products, and services for our customer partners. As such, it only makes sense to add a diesel service and repair division to our operating model. We are happy to announce that Madland Diesel Fleet Services, a Cummins and Capacity dealer, is now open for business. 

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